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Crafting Digital Narratives: The Chronicle of Surmangol's Voyage in the Online Realm

The Backstory :

I am a Guy. Coming from a middle-class family, English is my third language with no degree in business and doesn’t have a background for business in my family with no support at all. At the time, I was trying to build a great company in the World with my two partners, and we ended up because we are not getting the payment from the client, and I was stuck with all my employees with no salary. I took Money from my mom, one lakh, and give the pay to my agents. Not a single amount has been left in my bank account entirely off—credit card debt for more than 1.35 lakhs. But I never stop trying to figure out the best and never give up on what I want for my future. I started working on outsourcing projects international level, helping business owners to get what they are looking for, especially leads. And I found my mentor Siddharth, Vick, and Russell. They open my eyes to the Internet world… I wanted to become the Best Entrepreneur in the World so I wouldn’t have to keep struggling to find and persuade new clients to work with me.

My Desires

I wanted to be able to impress my girlfriend, who was the one who told me, “you should become a great entrepreneur,” and I could enjoy the credibility I knew it would give me in the marketplace.

External Struggle:

I was struggling to make even a few dollars a day, and on many days, I lost money. This financial instability not only hindered my aspirations of proving my entrepreneurial potential to my girlfriend—who once said, “you should become a prominent entrepreneur”—but also impeded the

Internal Struggle:

To make things worse, I felt terrible because I felt like I was banging my head against a wall trying to get this giant list of endless tasks done. I felt even worse about the situation because I had no clue if all this work I was putting out would be in vain and that I’d look stupid in the end. I felt like a failure because it took me so long to understand the most valuable things in the market and what works the best I am searching and researching for so long.

The Wall:

The challenge was that after four years of learning from various industries, where I intermittently dedicated myself, I finally discovered a tried-and-true method from my mentor, Siddharth. I began searching for an entrepreneur to whom I could teach this method, which led me to face a new realm of rejection. Although I had poured my heart and soul into creating a course about attracting ideal clients, I began receiving feedback from strangers suggesting that my course was lacking. In my mind, these critiques felt like shouts of “Surmangol, your course is terrible!” even though they were just messages and emails. This sent me into a months-long slump. Then, unexpectedly, something remarkable happened…

The Epiphany:

That’s when mentors like Siddharth, Vick, and Russell entered my life. 

They provided a clear vision of the direction I wanted to take in the digital space. Eager to enhance my skills, I enrolled in a course and immersed myself in understanding how the Internet was revolutionizing sales.

It became evident to me how I could maximize profit from every customer interaction. By controlling the entire process around my course, I realized I could earn more from every sale. I also recognized that I didn’t need to sell my courses to everyone; I needed to be specific about what I was selling and to whom. My primary focus was on entrepreneurs. Additionally, the importance of creating a sales funnel for my course became clear.

As a result, I mastered the art of selling courses, always striving to over-deliver on my promises. My ambition was to produce successful entrepreneurs and establish a funnel for related services. With these changes, I began to earn money again and attracted all the leads I needed. Investing about $10 a day in ads and reaping returns of $50 or $60 felt incredibly rewarding. I continued this approach daily, refining my strategy.

During this period, I faced significant challenges. I was trying to establish a leading company with my two partners, but we faced financial strains due to clients not paying. I found myself in a predicament where I couldn’t pay my employees. In desperation, I borrowed money from my mother, amounting to one lakh, to settle my employees’ wages. This left my bank account completely drained, and I accumulated a credit card debt of over 1.35 lakhs. Despite these setbacks, I never gave up. I began working on international outsourcing projects, assisting business owners in acquiring leads. That’s when I met mentors like Siddharth, Vick, and Russell, who opened my eyes to the vast potential of the Internet. I realized that repetition is the key to mastery. Committed to this principle, I continued to learn and apply my knowledge every day, ensuring steady progress.

The Plan

I resolved to replicate the process, delving deeper into a variety of related subjects to produce more courses. With this in mind, I brainstormed innovative course ideas tailored to my audience’s preferences. But my efforts didn’t end there. I dedicated myself wholeheartedly, producing high-quality courses month after month. Subsequently, I marketed these courses to my existing clientele while also venturing out to attract new customers. However, challenges persisted…

The Conflict:

It still took a LONG time to sit down at the keyboard and draft a new course. Days and even weeks of 12-hour shifts were needed to complete it, and it was far from enjoyable. While some courses were successful, others flopped and barely made any sales. Even after surveying people about their preferences, it was unpredictable which courses would resonate and which wouldn’t. Yet, I had to commit wholeheartedly to developing each one.

The Achievement:

We grew so frustrated that we decided to master the game of traffic generation to attract our ideal customer. We named our strategy “The 100 Dream Customer”. We believed that if we could develop a method that would empower a new generation of entrepreneurs by providing them with proven tools and strategies to build a successful business, we’d be immensely satisfied.

After one year and four months of rigorous testing, tweaking, and 12-hour days spent examining every aspect, we gained a thorough understanding of the process. This culminated in the creation of “The 100 Dream Customer”. Now, in just an hour, I can achieve—solo, without any technical assistance—what previously took a team of eight individuals and myself between 6 to 8 weeks to complete. Moreover, these new processes were more efficient and yielded higher conversion rates.

We subsequently introduced other entrepreneurs to “The 100 Dream Customer”. As a result, we accomplished the following:

  1. Assisted thousands of entrepreneurs in utilizing the exact process and software we developed to attract their ideal customers.
  2. Established a straightforward approach for anyone aiming to assist a specific group of individuals in addressing a particular issue.
  3. Enabled professionals to attract their dream customers, enhancing their credibility, boosting sales, and fostering the growth of their businesses

The Transformation:

Following the creation of “The 100 Dream Customer”, I not only reached my target of $10,000 in a single month but also found peace in knowing I have a reliable system in place. The efficient, proven processes and tools at our disposal have eliminated the anxieties of achieving consistent results. Most importantly, this journey has equipped me with the expertise to guide other entrepreneurs, helping them swiftly secure their ideal customers using our tested methods.