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The Inspiring Journey of Surmangol

Coming from humble beginnings, English being my third language, and with no formal business education, my journey into the world of entrepreneurship was anything but ordinary. Faced with hurdles like unpaid client dues, employee salaries, and mounting credit card debt, I found strength in adversity. My passion was ignited by a simple statement from my girlfriend: “You should become a great entrepreneur”.

Despite years of struggle and moments of self-doubt, a turning point came when I met my mentors Siddharth, Vick, and Russell. They introduced me to the digital world, teaching me that success wasn’t about reaching everyone, but about targeting the right audience. I honed my skills in creating courses, ensuring I delivered immense value with each one.
However, challenges persisted. Creating courses was time-intensive, and not all of them were successful. This led to the inception of “The 100 Dream Customer” — a system designed to help entrepreneurs attract their ideal clients. This tool streamlined the process, allowing me to achieve my goal of earning $10,000 in a month and, more importantly, empowering other entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

Today, I stand proud as a testament to perseverance, innovation, and the power of continuous learning. My mission is to help fellow entrepreneurs find their ‘dream customer’ and achieve unparalleled success in their ventures.

Purpose & Aspiration

My goal is to assist both seasoned and budding entrepreneurs, especially the youth and broader community, in navigating the digital realm. Through effective strategies, lead generation, and targeted marketing, I envision a digital space where every entrepreneur thrives and communities flourish. By empowering the youth, I aim to foster innovation and drive impactful change in the entrepreneurial landscape..

With a keen understanding of the digital landscape, Surmangol has developed a suite of services and programs tailored to empower businesses and individuals. 

Our offerings, from holistic digital marketing services to specialized courses like the 6-day lead generation challenge and the traffic generation and sales conversion mastery course, reflect our dedication and expertise in the field. Furthermore, our affiliate marketing program and digital marketing base internship showcase our commitment to nurturing talent and providing avenues for sustainable income and hands-on learning.

Besides, I also spearhead a company named Distinstion, focused on innovative marketing solutions, and run a platform called AskSur for personalized marketing advice. Feel free to explore these ventures!

I invite you to watch an exclusive interview I did on YouTube. This conversation provides a behind-the-scenes look at my experiences, the trials and triumphs of building a brand in the digital realm, and the insights I’ve garnered along the way. It’s a reflection of my commitment to transparency and my desire to inspire and guide fellow entrepreneurs. Watch the full interview below.

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